Mistress Leesa's FemDom Diary
Cuckoldry: Do’s & Don’ts

Personally, I’ve never been interested in cucking My slave husband bob.
But cuckoldry is a hot topic on My Femdom forum, energizing both Femdom members and the male subs.
A recent thread on cuckoldry caught My attention.
“My Wife suggested this one,” cuckrandy wrote. “She reads the posts regularly here (though She doesn’t post Herself) and is always interested in the ones about cuckoldry, since She has been ‘cucking’ me for about a year now. What She suggests is a thread on what newbies to the cuck scene should do and avoid doing.” 
To kick off the discussion,  cuckrandy’s Wife offered this warning.
 “In your first encounter with the Bull,  make sure you (the cuck/Hot Wife) bring a pack of condoms, “ She said. “Because no matter what the Bull says beforehand,  he’ll ‘forget’ his and want to ‘do’ the Hot Wife with his naked cock.”
“That happened to U/us first time out,” cuckrandy added.
 Cuckrandy and his Wife had met their Bull at a cuck meet ’n greet party. 
“Then we had him over for drinks at our place,” cuckrandy said. “It went quite well, and he and my Wife seemed to hit it off real good. After about an hour of drinking he offered to show Her his privates so She could see how big he was. I was surprised when She said okay, because up to that moment I really didn’t think She was really going to cuck me. Anyway, he unzipped and pulled out his big thick penis and fat balls. My wife made some cooing sound and he put his privates back into his pants. 
“That sealed the deal.” 
The arrangement was that cuckrandy and his Wife would rent a downtown hotel room for the session and the Bull would bring along two items: Lab results proving he was free of STDs plus the condoms.
“My Wife made sure he understood about the condoms,” cuckrandy recalled. “There would be absolutely no bareback action.”
The day-of,  the couple showed up at the hotel and took occupancy of the room. 
About a half hour later cuckrandy’s Wife got a call on Her cell from the Bull, who was in the lobby. She gave him the room number and he turned up a couple of minutes later. He came in carrying a gym bag. Right off he showed cuckrandy’s Wife the lab tests: a clean bill of health, with no STDs. 
“Then he tells me to get naked,” cuckrandy said.
Cuckrandy was surprised. 
“I looked over at my Wife and she nodded, yes. So I took off all my clothes down to my underpants.”
“‘I said naked,’” the Bull barked, like an army drill sergeant giving an order.
“So I pulled off my jockeys.”
The Bull ordered cuckrandy to sit in the swivel chair at the desk. Then he opened his bag and pulled out some lengths of rope. 
“I don’t want him to all of a sudden get jealous and attack me,” the Bull told cuckrandy’s Wife, laughing.
She said he wouldn’t have to worry about that, but if he wanted to tie up Her husband, to go ahead and do it.
The Bull bound cuckrandy to the chair then used handcuffs to lock the chair onto an underpart of the desk. 
Cuckrandy was immobilized.
“In a way that was a relief,” he recalled. “Tied up that way at least I knew he wasn’t going to make me fluff him—use my hands and mouth to get his cock stiff enough to use on my Wife.”
Next, said cuckrandy,  the Bull “stripped my Wife and wasn’t very gentle about it. When I complained he pulled a ball gag out of his gym bag and gagged me with it. Then he started playing with Her tits and pulling Her head down toward his cock, which was about half stiff by now. That’s when She asked him where the condom was. He just laughed and said he had forgotten to bring any, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun, should it? My Wife was trying to reply but he was shoving his cock into Her mouth and Her words came out all garbled.”
The situation went from bad to worse.
“He barebacked her long and hard,” cuckrandy said.  “After a while I just shut my eyes tight and tried to ignore Her moaning and groaning.”
Afterwards, when they got home, cuckrandy’s Wife took the morning-after pill and nothing bad happened.
But cuckrandy had one last surprise in store.
“I thought that would be the end of Her cucking me,” he said. “But no way.  She told me that She had orgasmed, like, three times and apart from him not using a condom She had really gotten off on the whole scene.”
Plzadomme, another member of the forum, offered this reply to cuckrandy’s post, suggesting there were four lessons for cucks to learn from cuckrandy’s experience.
1.) At your first meeting with the Bull go over exactly what will happen at the cucking session, including whether the cuck is going to fluff the bull, and whether the wife will allow anal, so that there are no surprises;
2.) Don’t let the Bull tie up/restrain the cuck husband;
3.) Bring your own condoms;
4.) And, most important of all, ignore any or all of the above rules and your Wife may be happily rewarded with multiple orgasms.

Domestic Discipline, Do’s & Don’ts, Part 2
  • My friend Strict Teacher was about to be married. Her fiancé was 31, ten years Her junior and a graduate student at the university where She is a tenured professor.
    Strict Teacher intended to structure Her marriage on the framework of Domestic Discipline, with Herself as Head of Household. So She posted on My Femdom forum, asking members to share the Domestic Discipline agreements they made Their husbands sign. Lady Rebecca Hurt was first to respond. Most Dommes assemble a broad set of rules for Their DD contracts, Lady Hurt said. “In My case,” She added, “I wanted a very specific set to deal with My primary focus at the time, My husband’s enforced chastity.” The agreement Her husband signed stipulated the following: “1. Weekly, preferably on Friday evening after work, you will ask Me for the key to your chastity cage. 2. You will go to the bathroom, remove your cage and thoroughly wash it in front of Me. 3. After I have inspected your cock cage and have verified that it is clean, you will sit on the edge of the bathtub. 4. While I watch, you will masturbate to orgasm. 5. Next you will shower, dry yourself and join Me in the living room. 6. In nadu position, You will offer your penis to Me for My pleasure. 7. If I accept your offer, you will go to your room, strap on your hollow dildo over your cock and await My instructions. 8. If, instead, I decline the offer, you will put on your chastity cage, lock it and hand Me the key. 9. You will kiss both of My feet and say, ‘Thank You, Mistress Wife.’ “BTW,” Lady Hurt said. “The punishments I dish out for infractions of these rules do not involve corporal punishments. I find that withdrawing My husband’s prized privileges (golf, etc.) is a better way.” In contrast, Domina Anna Fury’s Domestic Discipline contract begins with a ritual reaffirmation of Her sub husband’s subordination: “1. Immediately after arising each morning, you will kiss My feet as proof of your continuing submission to Me, your Mistress. 2. you will not attempt to engage in sexual activity with Me except at My specific invitation. 3. Other than those occasions when I allow you to share My bed, you will remain strictly celibate. 4. Periodically, I will allow you to masturbate in front of Me. But except in My presence, you will never service yourself. If I discover that you have engaged in masturbation behind My back, you will wear your locked cock cage (the stainless steel one at home, the plastic one when you travel) for a minimum of three months, removing it only when I unlock it so you can clean it. 5. you will not show any jealousy, nor voice any objections, when I bring home one of My subs/boyfriends or spend the night at any of their homes. 6. you will treat these men with the same humility and deference that you accord to your Mistress. 7. Without complaint, you will accept daily maintenance spankings, except on those days that I find it necessary to forego them. 8. you may discuss, but not challenge, any financial decisions I make. In areas of your expertise (real estate investments, etc.) I will solicit your advice—and then make the final decision.” Finally, Princess Cathryn offered Her uniquely pragmatic prescription for domestic dominance. “1.) Toss Your fiancé’s underpants into the garbage immediately, only allowing him to keep two pairs. From then on, he wears Your old panties. Every morning I choose which pair My husband will wear that day. The two pairs of men’s jockey shorts that I let him keep are only for special occasions, like when he has to go to the doctor. 2. Take control of the TV remote. When Y/you are watching the same TV at home, the remote is Yours, not his or ‘ours.’ 3. Order Your husband to hand over to You all his credit cards. All money goes into joint accounts, but only You will be allowed to make withdrawals. Every withdrawal or financial transaction must require Your signature. All other assets—stocks, bonds, real estate etc.—are legally transferred to You. 4. After the first year of marriage I became bored with My husband’s lovemaking. If that happens to You, do what I did: I caged his cock. If he behaves, once a month I relieve him by hand, stroking his penis until he cums. ( Of course, I wear plastic surgical gloves.) But there is a time limit of 25 seconds. If he doesn’t orgasm within that time span, I send him to the bathroom, where he sits in the bathtub and jerks off until he cums. 5. Finally, every morning before breakfast (which Your fiancé/husband should make for both of Y/you) My husband gets on his knees and kisses My butt cheeks. If he’s been a really good boy, I may face-sit him for a few minutes, before I deliver his daily maintenance spanking.” Strict Teacher was very grateful. “This isn’t exactly the kind of advice I’d get from Dear Abby or Ann Landers,” She said wryly.
Domestic Discipline: Do’s & Don’ts, Part 1

I married a much older man.
Before bob retired he’d been CEO of his own company. He could offer me a lifestyle of utter luxury and ease. On My part it wasn’t a love match. But bob was bright, considerate and charming.
And oh so very rich.
Unfortunately, once we started sharing the same space, old bob soon revealed typical male-creature traits: bullying bursts of testosterone and personal habits fit for a pigsty. (I’m a neat freak!)
I was determined to hold onto our marriage–and bob’s money.
In self-defense, I had no alternative: I was forced to play the real-life role of Mistress Wife.
In short order, I owned both his ass—and his assets.
I was a Professional Dominatrix. So for Me the transition to Mistress Wife was easy.
Other Women find the arrangement more complicated.
As I said, I married a much older man. Recently, a college professor friend of mine was about to reverse that chronology and marry a man ten years younger: a former student of Hers. My friend was 41-years-old, a lifestyle Domme. Her moniker in the fetish scene is Strict Teacher.  The fiancé was 31, charming and bright, a graduate student at the same university. But, despite his intelligence, he always struck Me as quite immature, a perpetual teenager. It was clear he would need a firm hand.
Strict Teacher asked for My help.
I suggested that She post on My forum and solicit the advice of My members, many of whom had successful DD marriages.
Strict Teacher agreed.
“I’m less than a month away from marrying My fiancé,” She posted that evening. “O/our relationship will be based on Domestic Discipline principles with Me as undisputed Head of Household. The other detail worth noting is that My fiancé is ten years My junior,” She added. “He is pursuing an advanced graduate degree and will be totally dependent upon me financially… . I’d appreciate counsel from Ladies here who actually have DD marriage experience. Are there any do’s and don’ts that might help (or hinder) My prospects for a successful Femdom-led Domestic Discipline marriage?
MatureMistress, one of the most experienced members of My forum, was first to respond.
“Since Your husband will be financially dependent on You, I highly recommend that prior to marrying him You have him sign a financial pre-nup. I mean a legal document, not something scrawled out on a napkin. And make sure that You and Your husband are both represented by lawyers at the signing,” Mature Mistress added. “I speak from experience.”
MatureMistress went on to advise My friend to also draw up a Domestic Discipline contract, specifying Her rights as Head of Household plus Her future husband’s obligations.
“In Mine, I spelled out exactly what I expected from My husband, from his household chores to the duties he would perform in the bedroom.”
A few days later, Strict Teacher thanked MatureMistress for Her counsel, but added this caveat:
“I’ve been scouring the web for a sample DD contract I could adapt to My own use, but have come up empty-handed,“ She said. “Most of the ones I’ve seen are downright silly or drawn up for male dominants, usually in the Christian Domestic Discipline niche.
"If anyone here has a Domestic Discipline contract they’d be willing to share, I’d much appreciate it.
Several Ladies were only too happy to oblige, posting the strict (occasionally bizarre) rules of Domestic Discipline they employ to keep their husbands in groveling submission.
Tune in for Part 2.

CBT: Educating the “Little Head,” Part 3

They call Her “Mistress Spank” for good reason.

“The three things I love doing most to slaves are: spank, spank and spank!” She says.

“In CBT I like to use My small rectangular-shaped leather paddle and a small long-bristled hair brush.” 

Mistress Spank makes the slave spread his legs and then She binds them apart with a metal lead-spreader.

“Next I’ll stroke his cock with my fingers until it gets hard. Then I’ll grab the head of his cock with two fingers and slap his stiff shaft on top and bottom with the leather paddle. I use a series of sharp hard strokes, starting slowly and speeding up the strokes as I go along.”

When She is done bruising Her slave’s cock, She’ll switch to his balls.

“I crunch them in a fist and go to work on them with the stiff-bristled brush.

“Often I’ll get so deep into it that I almost forget the rest of the slave is even present,” She adds. “There’s just Me, My spanking toys and a nasty set of cock-and-balls that needs to be punished.”

Another of My Femdom friends makes Her submissive take a more hands on approach to his own cock torment.

“If I want My boyfriend to really enjoy himself sexually, I’ll sit him down naked and have him masturbate in front of Me until he cums,” says Mistress Minah. “He loves that and I love seeing his little penis squirting into his hand.

“But when I feel his pee-pee needs to be punished, I make him lie down and milk his own prostate. I love to hear him moan and groan as the cum dribbles out of his cock without any pleasurable spasms like he’d get in a real orgasm.”

Afterwards, Mistress Minah says, Her boyfriend may “pout for a day or two but won’t give Me any back-talk or other problems for a while.”

Strict Teacher, on the other hand, is really a university-level educator by profession. She enjoys

carrying over that role into Her BDSM play.

“I deal with the penises of My playmates—including My new husband’s randy little cock—in that context,” Strict Teacher says. “I have a desk in My little dungeon. When I’m displeased with the behavior of one of My ‘pupils’ I order him to appear for an ‘after school’ disciplinary session.”

The student stands at attention in front of Strict Teacher’s desk. The She orders the pupil to pull down his trousers and underpants.

“Then I’ll tell him to take his penis in his hand and hold it out toward Me, with his palm up, in a gesture of surrender and offering.”

Strict Teacher picks up a ruler She keeps on Her desk and spanks the naughty pupil’s penis with very hard, sharp strokes.

“The pupil must count every stroke aloud. If he misses a count, I start from zero again.”But it’s My dear friend Emma who deserves a straight-A for concocting the most creative penis torture of all.

“Nothing beats a mousetrap as a cost-effective cbt device,” Emma says. “They’re cheap, hurt like hell and are small enough to carry in My purse. I use them mostly for punishing a sub who has broken one of My rules. “

Emma orders the sub to perform naked push ups for Her.

But before the sub begins, She positions several mousetraps on the floor right below his cock and balls. “Then I’ll have him do, say, 20 push ups,” says Emma. “If he does them properly, no problem. If he touches the floor and springs the traps, he gets the punishment he deserves.”

But the punishment session doesn’t necessarily end there.

Like the mythical Goddesses of ancient Greece, My friend Emma is famous for being arbitrary and capricious.

“If I see the sub is going to do his prescribed 20 push ups without snapping the mousetraps onto his drooping cock or balls,” She says, “halfway through I just might add another ten repetitions. And maybe ten after that,” Emma adds, laughing.

CBT: Educating The “Little Head,” Part 2

In My Pro Domme CBT “kit” I keep a large assortment of tools of torment.

You never know what a client will want.

But in My personal life, I’m surprisingly low tech.

I don’t “play” with My slave hubby, I punish him for his domestic misdemeanors and felonies. So, with a few major exceptions, I try to use ordinary items from around the house.

For minor offenses, such as disputing an order I’ve given, I put him on a bench or his bed with his legs spread, tied to the wrought-iron frame. Then I paddle his cock with one of My wooden paint stirrers or My long-handled shoe-horn. Or I grab his cock by the head, stretch it and spank his balls hard with My hand.

For major infractions, such as masturbating without permission, I pull out My small cat-o’-nine-tails. I order the slave onto his feet and attach a conical leather “parachute” around his ballsack. Then I attach painful weights (ranging from 8 ounces to 22 ounces, depending on how angry I am) to the chains that hang from the parachute. While the weights drag his testicles toward the floor, I’ll be whipping his cock with My cat-o’-nine-tails.

Or else I put him on the bed and attach the electrodes of My vibrating toy to his cock and balls. The device doesn’t hurt. On the contrary, it gives subby-hubby a pleasant shock, producing a major erection. And the moment his Mr. Stiffy leaps to attention I whip it with the cat-o’-nine tails.

As a final option, I may decorate his useless little pee-pee with pretty colored clothespins all wired together. Then I’ll rip off the clothespins with a single yank. (To see bob’s CBT session, click here.)


In contrast to My low-tech style of penis-punishment, My friend BustyDomme prefers a do-it-yourself approach.

"Instead of torturing a slave’s cock and balls, I’ll make him do it to himself," this Mistress says. "I’ll make the slave squeeze his testicles into a small metal vice, then order him to turn the screw that tightens it until he’s practically screaming in pain for his momma. And he’s doing it all by himself.

"I also like watching a slave beat the living hell out of his own cock using the big wooden soup spoon from My kitchen.

"There are lots of other things that you can get them do to themselves," BustyDomme says. "I find it hilarious," She adds, laughing, "how eager and happy they are to torture their own cocks and balls just to please Me."

Double Ouch!!

My friend Dixie Domina is a registered nurse by profession. By day She calms patients’ fears and soothes their pain. By night She does just the opposite, using instruments straight out of Her nurse’s kit.

"Forceps, for instance, are a perfect tool for brutally pinching a "patient’s" testicles,” Dixie says.

My English friend Mistress Myr enjoys using familiar household instruments in cbt.

"Clothespins, of course," says Myr.

"And My very favorite: a pair of ordinary mousetraps, one hanging from each of My submissive’s balls, with a big black plastic clip (the kind you use to seal open bags of potato crisps) pinching the head of his cock.” She adds, "Ripping everything off is the fun part."

Stay tuned for lots more ways to torment Your slave/boyfriend/hubby’s cocks and balls, courtesy of My cruel Femdom crew.

CBT: Educating The “Little Head,” Part 1

Years ago, as a first-year university student, I overheard a couple of older female classmates quietly gossiping over tea about something truly bizarre.
They were reveling in the fun they had tieing up their boyfriends and tenderizing their bare bottoms with whips, paddles and floggers.
Naive Me; I was flabbergasted. Even more so when the discussion shifted to something they called “cbt.”
I had no clue what that was.
But apparently it was so painful that just a little bit of it induced their boyfriends (as one girl put it), “to scream like a stuck pig.”
Back in My dorm room I cracked open My laptop and googled “cbt.”
Boy, was I disappointed.
CBT stood for “Cognitive Behavior Therapy.”
And the only painful part was the boredom of reading about it.
Later a friend explained to Me that cbt also stood for “cock and ball torture.”
And I’ve been an acolyte ever since.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy may be strong mental medicine for a man’s big head. The other kind of cbt is far more effective therapy for the little head between a man’s legs, the one he actually thinks with.
Nothing in the world can shrink a man’s goitered ego quicker than a cruel assault on his prized “family jewels.”
I like to strip a slave, tie him up and focus like a laser on his naked “little head.”
I’ll attach large, painful metal binder clips to his cock and balls.
Then I’ll take a pair of forceps, snare the head of his penis in it and squeeze very hard.<a

It seems that every Domme has Her favorite form of cock and ball torment.
Stay tuned for Part 2, where I’ll reveal some of My more sadistic Domme friends’ nastiest tools and torments.

Turning Subs Into Sissy Cocksuckers, Part 2 

Recently, in My FemDom forum, there was a thread titled, “How Far Would You Go In Feminizing A Male Sub?”
Mistress Jasmine posted this response.
“When I feminize a sub he has to pass an ‘oral exam.’ Like, right now I’m feminizing My boyfriend. He knows that his training won’t be complete—and I won’t be happy—until I see a cock in his mouth and cum streaming down his chin. I’ve done it several times before, with the help of a couple of gay friends,” Jasmine added. “You can never predict how things will work out, even with the most macho straight guys. Once, My hyper-hetero ‘boyfriend’ ended up as My gay friend’s new ‘girlfriend.’”
In response, dommelover (a male submissive), replied, “I will go (and have gone) pretty far to please a Domme. But sucking some guy off on command or taking some guy’s cock up my butt—these are my hard limits.” dommelover went on to say that although “guys fantasize about being forced to submit to another guy … in reality very few would ever do it. I certainly wouldn’t.”
It’s a classic confrontation. In one corner, the Mistress who demands that Her sissies suck cock as proof of their feminization. In the opposing corner, the sub who’ll do anything for a Mistress except take another man’s penis in his mouth.
I have never forced a slave to become a cocksucker. In contrast, I have no compunction about ordering a slave to suck cock when I know that forced cocksucking is his secret fantasy.
How can I tell?
One way is to seat him at a computer, naked. I attach a wired electrical gizmo (a friend of mine made it) to his penis. If the slave’s penis stiffens, the two contacts of the device will touch, creating a closed circuit that sets off an alarm.
Hooked up to this genital “lie detector,” I play a movie for him on the computer, showing in graphic detail a straight male forced into giving his first blow job. If the alarm goes off while My sub is viewing the video, he’s ripe for real life cocksucking.
Try it for yourself. Get naked in front of your computer, then click here for some hot cocksucking. If your penis pops up and starts spitting pre-cum, you’re ready to go gay.

Turning Subs Into Sissy Cocksuckers, Part 1

Not long ago a thread on My Femdom forum debated the controversial topic of “forced bi-.” One of the member Lifestyle Mistresses asked: “Do any of You Dommes find the idea of having Your sub sexually service someone of his/her same sex a turn on?”

Some forum members hated the idea.

“Actually, the thought of a sub of Mine wanting to service someone else, regardless of her/his gender, is a major turn off for Me,” says LadyLeather. “I find the notion of one of My male subs feasting off another male’s penis just disgusting.”

Other Dommes approved of the practice.

Mistress Jasmine says She is in the process of feminizing Her new live-in submissive. “I think he’s beginning to have fun with feminization as a form of play. Now I want to take it one step further and see how he handles taking cock in his mouth.” Submissives, She adds, get their kicks from being humiliated. “And what could be more humiliating for a male than to bury his nose in another guy’s bush, while the guy f**ks his face, and his Mistress sits there watching?”

And some Femdoms believe that forced bi- is a critical phase of sissification. 

For instance, Mistress Mayhem, of Chicago, belongs to a Women’s group whose goal is to transform their vanilla male partners into obedient sissies.

“A while ago, We decided that in order to break their macho dominating attitudes We would have to introduce a forced-bi option into their training,” She says. 

The Women arranged for their six men to participate in naked all-male one-against-one wrestling matches. The losers would have to perform oral sex on the winners.

“My husband was unfortunate in his draw,” Mistress Mayhem recalls. “His opponent was an ex-college wrestler who outweighed him by 40 pounds. Predictably My husband’s opponent ‘pinned’ him in about 40 seconds flat.”

She adds: “I must admit, to My surprise, that I got sexually excited when I saw My sissy husband on his knees with another man’s penis in his mouth. Even more excited as the man gripped hubby’s head with one hand and his penis with the other and started f * * * ing his mouth with forceful deep strokes.

“It concluded with My husband spilling a very embarrassing spasm of cum all over the the opponent’s hand and chest.”

Mistress Mayhem and Her friends enjoyed the spectacle so much that a few weeks later they arranged another set of wrestling matches. 

But this time the winners “barebacked” the losers’ butts.

Maintenance Spankings

In September My husband bob will celebrate the second anniversary of the day he quit his filthy smoking habit. (See how I cured bob’s habit here.) I’m convinced that he’s been able to keep off the evil weed thanks to his regular maintenance spankings.

Maintenance spankings are designed to prevent unruly or rebellious behavior before it happens. They remind My husband that I am the dominant and that My word is law.

I own his ass as well as his assets,

So three times a week—Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays—bob’s alarm rings at precisely 7 a.m.. He pulls down his underpants and climbs onto his bed, kneeling face down with his ass in the air. He calls, “I’m ready, Mistress.”

When I’m ready (it may be three minutes later, a half hour or three hours, depending on My mood that morning) I enter his bedroom and give him ten hard strokes with My carcass-beater. bob counts off each stroke aloud. “Number one, Thank You, Mistress … number two, thank You, Mistress …”  If he messes up the count (the pain from My carcass beater can cause instant Alzheimer’s) I give him ten additional strokes, for a total of 20.

Tenderizing bob’s butt with My carcass-beater.

If I had the time, I’d make sure bob got 20 strokes every day. After 20 fierce strokes on his ass from My carcass-beater, bob is forced to spend most of the day on his feet. And a recent university study revealed that people who sit for three hours or less a day live about three years longer than their couch-potato peers.

Smoking Cure!

Good news! it’s taken Me months of trials and tribulations, but I’ve finally managed to end My slave-hubby bob’s filthy smoking habit.
The key to his cure?
A flavored cigarette.
Remember flavored cigarettes? They tasted like candy (chocolate, mocha mint, pineapple coconut) and came in brightly colored packages.
Critics complained that they were designed, as USA Today reported, “to lure kids into lighting up.”
In 2009 the Feds passed a law barring the sale of any cigarettes flavored with cloves, fruit, anything other than menthol.
But that’s how I cured My slave bob.
I told him that henceforth he could smoke as many cigarettes a day as he wanted, as long as I personally flavored each cigarette first. To see My smoking cure, click <a href=”http://www.leesasfemdomlinks.com/FAPages/smokingcure.html”>here</a>.