Mistress Leesa's FemDom Diary
Cuckoldry: Do’s & Don’ts

Personally, I’ve never been interested in cucking My slave husband bob.
But cuckoldry is a hot topic on My Femdom forum, energizing both Femdom members and the male subs.
A recent thread on cuckoldry caught My attention.
“My Wife suggested this one,” cuckrandy wrote. “She reads the posts regularly here (though She doesn’t post Herself) and is always interested in the ones about cuckoldry, since She has been ‘cucking’ me for about a year now. What She suggests is a thread on what newbies to the cuck scene should do and avoid doing.” 
To kick off the discussion,  cuckrandy’s Wife offered this warning.
 “In your first encounter with the Bull,  make sure you (the cuck/Hot Wife) bring a pack of condoms, “ She said. “Because no matter what the Bull says beforehand,  he’ll ‘forget’ his and want to ‘do’ the Hot Wife with his naked cock.”
“That happened to U/us first time out,” cuckrandy added.
 Cuckrandy and his Wife had met their Bull at a cuck meet ’n greet party. 
“Then we had him over for drinks at our place,” cuckrandy said. “It went quite well, and he and my Wife seemed to hit it off real good. After about an hour of drinking he offered to show Her his privates so She could see how big he was. I was surprised when She said okay, because up to that moment I really didn’t think She was really going to cuck me. Anyway, he unzipped and pulled out his big thick penis and fat balls. My wife made some cooing sound and he put his privates back into his pants. 
“That sealed the deal.” 
The arrangement was that cuckrandy and his Wife would rent a downtown hotel room for the session and the Bull would bring along two items: Lab results proving he was free of STDs plus the condoms.
“My Wife made sure he understood about the condoms,” cuckrandy recalled. “There would be absolutely no bareback action.”
The day-of,  the couple showed up at the hotel and took occupancy of the room. 
About a half hour later cuckrandy’s Wife got a call on Her cell from the Bull, who was in the lobby. She gave him the room number and he turned up a couple of minutes later. He came in carrying a gym bag. Right off he showed cuckrandy’s Wife the lab tests: a clean bill of health, with no STDs. 
“Then he tells me to get naked,” cuckrandy said.
Cuckrandy was surprised. 
“I looked over at my Wife and she nodded, yes. So I took off all my clothes down to my underpants.”
“‘I said naked,’” the Bull barked, like an army drill sergeant giving an order.
“So I pulled off my jockeys.”
The Bull ordered cuckrandy to sit in the swivel chair at the desk. Then he opened his bag and pulled out some lengths of rope. 
“I don’t want him to all of a sudden get jealous and attack me,” the Bull told cuckrandy’s Wife, laughing.
She said he wouldn’t have to worry about that, but if he wanted to tie up Her husband, to go ahead and do it.
The Bull bound cuckrandy to the chair then used handcuffs to lock the chair onto an underpart of the desk. 
Cuckrandy was immobilized.
“In a way that was a relief,” he recalled. “Tied up that way at least I knew he wasn’t going to make me fluff him—use my hands and mouth to get his cock stiff enough to use on my Wife.”
Next, said cuckrandy,  the Bull “stripped my Wife and wasn’t very gentle about it. When I complained he pulled a ball gag out of his gym bag and gagged me with it. Then he started playing with Her tits and pulling Her head down toward his cock, which was about half stiff by now. That’s when She asked him where the condom was. He just laughed and said he had forgotten to bring any, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun, should it? My Wife was trying to reply but he was shoving his cock into Her mouth and Her words came out all garbled.”
The situation went from bad to worse.
“He barebacked her long and hard,” cuckrandy said.  “After a while I just shut my eyes tight and tried to ignore Her moaning and groaning.”
Afterwards, when they got home, cuckrandy’s Wife took the morning-after pill and nothing bad happened.
But cuckrandy had one last surprise in store.
“I thought that would be the end of Her cucking me,” he said. “But no way.  She told me that She had orgasmed, like, three times and apart from him not using a condom She had really gotten off on the whole scene.”
Plzadomme, another member of the forum, offered this reply to cuckrandy’s post, suggesting there were four lessons for cucks to learn from cuckrandy’s experience.
1.) At your first meeting with the Bull go over exactly what will happen at the cucking session, including whether the cuck is going to fluff the bull, and whether the wife will allow anal, so that there are no surprises;
2.) Don’t let the Bull tie up/restrain the cuck husband;
3.) Bring your own condoms;
4.) And, most important of all, ignore any or all of the above rules and your Wife may be happily rewarded with multiple orgasms.